PMC Technology

Cybersecurity Consultancy



To assist you in protecting your organisation’s information, we offer a range of affordable packages or consultancy products to suit your needs and budget.


The PMC Technology Core service provides a swift, high-level and independent assessment of your cyber risk. The process is carried out using a series of interviews with key people that hold the relevant knowledge in your organisation. Generally, this is between 1 and 6 people and the process lasts up to 6 or 7 hours. We then get an immediate high-level understanding of your likelihood of a security breach based on what your internal and external threats are and then give you a cyber risk score. If we uncover areas of concern, we will clearly set out in our report what sort of remediation work needs to be undertaken and what the priorities are.

These assessments are useful for both technical and managerial staff to understand the position of your current environment. It maybe that you will rapidly need to action something, or are doing relatively okay but need to make some minor adjustments, or indeed you may find that you are in fact doing very well with the resources and budget available.


The PMC Technology Posture service is a significantly more detailed investigation into your organisation’s cyber and information security and also touches on data protection and GDPR. It is particularly useful for those organisations thinking of becoming certified to the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials or ISO27001 standard. It will act as a gap analysis against a targeted maturity level for both and allow you to plan for the next stage. The service is a detailed ‘evidence-based’ audit, so that during a process that can take a number of days, we will review samples of evidence that show systems, policies and procedures are in place.

These audits also provide evidence to your customers or any future auditor, that you are serious about protecting the information that your organisation holds and that you are continuingly improving compliance. As with the PMC Core service we will report our findings with a cyber risk score and any remediation activities that would be required. A strategic plan can also be incorporated into the report if required depending on customer requirements.


We are now all living in a more regulated and compliant world. In our experience very few organisations have the internal skills or time available to carry out these tasks themselves. There is considerable effort involved in securing your IT infrastructure and everything that work with it.  We can offer a host of highly skilled professionals to meet your needs and help you navigate the complex processes ahead....

Password & Access Managament

We help our customers manage passwords and access securely. Your staff will stop reusing simple passwords which will make it harder for hackers to steal corporate credentials and you will know who has access to what and why, at any time.

Security Awareness Training

We will help your team understand why certain emails and links are dangerous, the concept of operational security and the ways hackers might take advantage of their desire to help. Security Awareness Training is much more than just a series of videos.

Vunerability Managment

How many vulnerable machines/apps can a company have in its network?  We help our customers establish and manage a Vulnerability management program, which will gradually reduce their network vulnerabilities.

Security Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures are the governing laws of a company's business. The ones we help our customers create are living and breathing documents bringing order and structure to my customers' security practices.

Advanced Endpoint Security

Antivirus is just one of the 12 controls we implement to defend endpoints from advanced hacking attacks. We help our customers prevent the exploitation of these devices via malicious documents, scripts, zero-day vulnerabilities and more.

Advanced Attack Mitigation

We check for mitigation controls for 17 types of cyber attacks: account compromise, unauthorized access, ransomware, network intrusions, malware infections, sabotage, security policy violations, and more.

Securing IT Infrastructure

We help our customers transform their IT infrastructure security by implementing Server & Network Device Hardening, Desktop Hardening, Network & Web Service security, Data Security, Backups, and more!

Email & Communications Security

Getting access to a corporate account may grant a hacker access to all internal systems. We protect our customers by advising them to implementing secure authentication, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your communications.

Secure Remote Access

Secure Work From Home (WFH) is one aspect of remote access, but we also take care of third party partners, and outsourced employees, vendors, and guests. Remote access to data is not limited to VPN.

Security Monitoring

You should be able to detect any unauthorized access anywhere in your network, be it a malicious insider or an outside hacker. We help you build the necessary security monitoring to achieve that.


Every Information Security Program we build and execute for all our clients is different. All our customers teams, infrastructure, applications used, and business objectives are different, and we often customize our services to serve them better.